Research Themes

Schizophrenia is a devastating illness that has tremendous personal and societal costs. Even when symptoms of psychosis have remitted, many people with schizophrenia suffer marked functional disability (i.e., impaired social, occupational, and community functioning). Understanding the contributors to functional disability in schizophrenia is paramount for development of effective, recovery-based interventions. The overarching aim of our research is to use a multimethod approach to identify and understand predictors of functional outcome in schizophrenia-spectrum conditions within a lifespan developmental framework. To date, most of our work has focused on perceptual processing, social and non-social cognition, and motivation/beliefs. 


Dr. McCleery’s research has been supported by extramural funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, the National Institute of Mental Health, Alkermes, and the American Psychological Foundation. 

Research Methods

In our work, we use multiple methods to study the phenomena of interest. Our lab is equipped with a resource library and materials for administering clinical interviews and symptom rating scales, and performance-based tests of social and non-social cognition. We use a BioSemi ActiveTwo 64 channel system for EEG/ERP data acquisition, a BIOPAC MP36 system to measure ECG, respiration rate, and skin conductance, and a SR Research Eyelink 1000 for eye tracking/pupillometry. Professional-grade headset microphones and audio recording equipment are available to collect speech sample data. Our lab suite is located in 455 A-D PBSB, and includes dedicated rooms for data collection (e.g., interviews, testing, EEG/eye tracking) and office space for trainees.  

Current studies


An up-to-date list of our publications can be found here: and here:

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